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Infrared Sauna Dome

What differentiates Clearlight far infared saunas from all others? Craftsmanship and our True Infrared II™ technology!
The Clearlight Curve is made from the highest quality materials to ensure a lifetime of use and includes our advanced True Wave II™ heaters making the Clearlight™ Curve the sauna dome of choice.

The Clearlight Curve is comprised of two lightweight domes that make it very easy to store in a corner or closet. The Clearlight Curve can be setup anywhere and then stored away when not in use. The infrared mat allows you to have infrared heat on both the back and front of your body. Both the Clearlight Curve sauna dome and infrared mat have a lifetime warranty.

• Available in Cream color
• Solid construction, luxurious finish and sturdy wooden control box
• True Wave II low EMF Far Infrared heating elements inside the dome
• Includes infrared heat mat to lay on while inside the dome
• The electronic control system provides multiple heat level adjustments
• Lifetime Warranty



Download the Clearlight Curve Manual. Click Here

Our True Wave II heaters are the only combination Carbon and Ceramic far infrared heater. These heater are truly the best of both worlds. The carbon allow the True Wave II heaters to produce long wave far infrared heat. The long infrared wave will penetrate deeper into your body and give you the benefits you are looking for. The patented organic Ceramic compound that we add to the carbon give the heaters a very high infrared output. Traditional carbon heaters are weak, but not our True Wave II heaters. They produce exceptional quality infrared and a lot of it. Please see the comparison test we performed below.

True Wave II vs. Traditional Carbon Heater Comparison Test infrared heater comparison

We then take our True Wave heaters to the next level with our patent pending low EMF technology. We cancel out the majority of the EMF making the Clearlight Curve the safest and most effective sauna dome available.

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  • Best sauna ever! No EMF!!! And super high performance heaters. I sweat twice as fast in this sauna as any other. I highly recommend Clearlight!

    Mark J.

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