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The Clearlight Sanctuary Y Combination Hot Yoga Room and Full Spectrum Sauna:Imagine your own hot yoga room in your home. The Sanctuary Y is designed so you can use it as your own private hot yoga room or a full spectrum infrared sauna. The two 35" benches are removeable, the floor is a covered with yoga mat material and the floor is fully heated. Practice your yoga postures then put the benches back in the room and relax while the Clearlight Full Spectrum heat warms and detoxes your body.

The 76" x 58.5" x 77" room allows plenty of room for your yoga poses. While performing floor poses, the infrared heat from the heated floor will you ease into your stretch. When using the Clearlight Sanctuary Y as an infrared sauna, you can configure the 35" x 22" benches in different configurations.

Clearlight Infrared Sanctuary Full Spectrum Saunas: With contemporary design and ground breaking innovation the Clearlight Sanctuary Saunas are unlike any other. The Clearlight Sanctuary Saunas are the only True Full Spectrum infrared saunas available offering advanced near, mid and far infrared technologies. Our robust True Wave Full Spectrum heating system provides all wavelengths 100% of the time to optimize your sauna session. The state of the art digital sauna control works in concert with our sleek tablet/smartphone app to gives you the ability to control your sauna remotely.

Our True Wave Full Spectrum heater system delivers over 20 times the power of our nearest leading competitor. We offer a full 400 watts per heater versus their 10 watt heater. Our patented system allows for the deepest penetration, peak performance with the best results.

• The only combination Hot Yoga Room and Infrared Sauna
• Android Tablet / Smartphone Control (optional)
• Built in charging & audio station
• Distinctive door handle/tablet cradle for easy media viewing
• Reservations mode so you can set your sauna to turn on up to 36 hours in the future
True Wave II™ carbon/ceramic low-EMF heating technology in the back and side walls and Clearlight True Spectrum™ full spectrum front heaters
• Flawless "furniture grade" cabinetry
• Italian designed sauna with glass roof for style and comfort
• Comprehensive Clearlight Lifetime Warranty
• Easy Install (normally less than an hour)
• Much more...

Wood Type:

The Sanctuary Y is made from Grade "A" clear
Western Red Canadian Cedar Wood.

Exterior Specifications:

Width: 76"     Depth: 58.5"    Height: 77"     Weight: 550 lbs

When building the Sanctuary 3 into an enclosed space, we recommend leaving 2" around the sauna.

Electrical Specifications:
The Sanctuary 2 plugs into a 240v/15amp wall outlet.

240 Volts    3,360 Watts    14 Amps

(NEMA 6-15R)

Width: 71" Depth: 55.5" Height: 74"
Bench Dimensions: Two 35" X 22" Flat Benches

True Wave Heater Locations:
Back Wall, Side Walls, Front Wall and Floor  

Infrared Sauna       Far Infrared Sauna
Infrared Heaters


What differentiates Clearlight Sanctuary Saunas from all others? Our superior craftsmanship and our True Spectrum™ heating technology that gives you full spectrum throughout your entire sauna session! Our Clearlight Sanctuary saunas are made with the highest quality Eco-certified grade "A" cedar wood coupled with our advanced True Wave Full Spectrum heating system. This unbeatable combination make the Clearlight Sanctuary sauna the sauna of choice.

Our Clearlight Sanctuary Saunas are made from Western Red Canadian Cedar. Your sauna includes beautiful glass front design with glass skylight roof, recessed accent lights for mood and reading, digital keypad with intensity control, standard chromotherapy (Upgradable to Medical Grade Chromotherapy), Bluetooth and AUX audio and optional Android Tablet / Smartphone control.

Control your sauna with the Clearlight Connect App on your Android Tablet or Smartphone or we can provide one for you. Our Patent Pending door handle design is also a tablet holder so you can enjoy your choice of entertainment while relaxing in your sauna. Contact a Clearlight Infrared Sauna Specialist for Clearlight Tablet pricing. You can also control your sauna with the built in Digital Keypad and with "Reservation Mode" you can preset the sauna to turn on up to 36 hours in advance.

All Sanctuary Saunas use our True Spectrum Full Spectrum heater in the front of the sauna and our Low EMF True Wave II far infrared heaters on the back wall, side wall, front wall, under the bench and in the floor. Our True Spectrum full spectrum heaters are located in the front wall of the sauna and emit about 1.5mg of EMF where you are sitting in the sauna.

We also position our heaters so the infrared heat is concentrated on your body. Since infrared heat travels in a straight line, any heater that goes up over your head is only heating the air. By using our high output heaters, we can concentrate the heat exclusively on your body so you get the most benefit. You are surround you with infrared. The Sanctuary Y has heaters on the front wall, back wall, side walls, under the bench, at your calves and in the floor.

For Constant Infrared Heat simply set the digital controller to the highest setting. You'll receive 100% constant far-infrared heat with absolutely no heater shut-off throughout your entire 30 to 45 minute sauna session, guaranteed. Our combination far infrared and full spectrum heaters provide safe, deep pentrating infrared heat and only provide the beneficial wavelengths.

Your Sanctuary Y also includes our standard Chromotherapy. You can also upgrade to our Medical Grade Chromotherapy. Please call one of our infrared sauna specialists for more information about Medical Grade Chromotherapy.

For more information about Clearlight Chromotherapy, please click here.

Accessories included with your Sanctuary Y Full Spectrum Sauna:

infrared heater comparison   infrared heater comparison   infrared heater comparison

infrared heater comparison   infrared heater comparison   infrared heater comparison

infrared heater comparison
infrared heater comparison
Clearlight Infrared Sanctuary 2 Person Cedar Sauna
Wood Type

Grade "A" Clear Western Red 
Canadian Cedar.

Tongue & Groove construction.

Width 76 in
Depth 58.5 in
Height 77 in
Weight 550 lbs
Power 240 Volts,
3360 Watts,
14 Amps
Clearlight Sanctuary Y Interior Specifications

Free Standing Benches (x 2)

35 x 22 in
Clearlight Sanctuary Y Residential Warranty
Cabinetry Lifetime
Electrical Lifetime
Heaters Lifetime
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  • Best sauna ever! No EMF!!! And super high performance heaters. I sweat twice as fast in this sauna as any other. I highly recommend Clearlight!

    Mark J.

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