Having your very own sauna at home is something that will bring massive benefits to your life. Therefore, choosing the right model is vital if you are going to get the maximum amount of pleasure from it as well as the health advantages a sauna provides.

As well as the undoubted health benefits, this is a lifestyle change that will help you to find a new hobby and to relieve stress whenever you feel the need. However, you may not yet appreciate why the type of wood that your sauna is made of is as important as understanding the proper etiquette for saunas.

This is the first point that you should consider when looking for a new sauna, as the type of wood used will go a long way towards determining how useful and long-lasting it will be. With this in mind, the following are a few of the reasons why this matters so much.

Choose a Soft Wood

The first point to bear in mind is that you need a soft wood that remains comfortable to touch, even when the heat has been cranked up to the maximum and you are enjoying an intense sauna experience. Hardwoods such as oak and teak will become too hot to touch after just a short time.

Therefore, you don’t want it to conduct heat very well, or it would very quickly become uncomfortable to sit on or to be around. Ideally, it will stay at a good temperature to your touch even if you are in there for a long time enjoying the sensation of your own sauna.

On the other hand, softwoods such as spruce, cedar, and basswood are all perfect in this respect. There are plenty of different types of soft wood around, so it is a question of choosing the one that best suits you.

You will also want to avoid woods that have a lot of sap in them. These woods can release dangerous fumes as well as a liquid that is capable of burning you when the sauna is in use.

Absorb the Heat without Getting Damaged

The first big practical benefit you need from the wood is the ability to absorb the heat that the sauna creates. While you feel fantastic soaking up the steam and feeling on top of the world, you need a soft wood with a high degree of impermeability that is capable of absorbing the heat without getting damaged.

The likes of spruce, basswood, and cedar are among the most popular types of wood for a long-lasting sauna that will stay looking wonderful after years and years of regular use. What you don’t want is a sauna that is built of a hard wood that doesn’t stand the test of time.

Buying a sauna that becomes warped or rotted sooner or later would be a huge disappointment to you.Naturally, you will also want to follow any instructions that you receive in terms of treating the wood in order to keep it in perfect condition for as long as possible.

Great Looks

Of course, it is also vital that you get a sauna you are proud to use. Whether you plan on using it alone or inviting friends over, you will want a sauna that looks amazing.

Regardless of whether you go for a rustic Nordic look, a modern style or something else, a terrific looking sauna will improve your home’s appearance immensely. Again, there are a number of different wood types that look great which you could consider choosing.

Spruce, Basswood, and cedar are among the most attractive types of wood that gives a classy look you will love. Some of the points to be taken into account here are the color of the wood, how big the knots are and how easy it to treat. In particular, very knotty wood is often denser and isn’t suitable for use in sauna construction.

It is also important that you choose natural beautiful wood rather than something that has been painted, as the heat and the steam could make the paint peel and release potentially harmful toxins. Instead, you can use a safe and natural sauna sealer to protect the interior of your sauna without any problems.

The starting point is to look at your current home and decide what kind of style would fit in best. With such a big selection of different saunas to choose from, it is a certainty that you find a model that is perfect for your needs in terms of looks and size as well.

An Affordable Cost

It is clear that some types of woods are far more expensive than others. This means that most of us need to look for a model of sauna that combines the benefits we have already looked at with good affordability levels.

In fact, you will be very pleased if you had previously thought that saunas were some sort of luxury item that only millionaires could afford. The truth is that using the right kind of wood makes this the sort of purchase that anyone can make.

Adding a sauna to your home is, therefore, a very cost effective way of adding a touch of style and quality that you get a tremendous amount of use from.

Nice and Sturdy

Another crucial issue is the sturdiness of the wood that you choose. You simply can’t afford to take a chance on a flimsy sauna that could collapse on you at some point.

Instead, you need it to be a solid and well-built model that is made of quality wood that gives you complete confidence in its construction. In this way, you will have a sauna that you can use day after day and get immense benefit from without any fears.

Obviously, the quality of the construction and the durability come down to more than simply the type of wood that has been used in the sauna. However, this is the starting point for making a good decision that you look back on fondly in the years to come.